Tuesday, 12 May 2009

tagged! always & never!

i've been tagged by one of my favorite ladies, anabela of fieldguided to write my list of five "always-es" and five "nevers." The rules are that these must be fashion-related, that I have to tag three people, and that I can post any pictures I would like to post.

because anabela said it best, here it is again: "Please remember that this is what works or doesn't work for me personally, and I don't mean any offense by this list! "

so basically i tag ANYONE who would like to do it! so please do, & i've noticed many wonderful lists out there, for example: fieldguided, clevernettle,& teh original here dear golden!

1. banged & brunette, always brunette, darker & lighter shades, sometimes a tad auburn, but always a brunette, & i've had short & long locks, but always a thick fringe of bangs, i can't remember a time when i did not, its called having two ridiculous refusing to be tamed cowlicks

(jennifer of royal trux, remember them? she was my first banged crush influence)

2. blush, always i wear blush, i am so pale & i love blush, thats all

3. a-line, knee-length skirts or dresses with a high-waist, its really all my legs can get away with, & it works, hiding mommy hips, unslightly pasty white gams, sorry to be so hard on you legs that hold me up so well, but...

4. belts, always belts because you can get away with anything, belts will fix it

5. bikini panties with a full bum, yup including unsightly pantyline, always wear em


1. tanning, oh no never tanning
2. vintage fur:, no not even vintage fur, as much as i am so drawn to vintage fur hats & stolls, just can't

3. turtlenecks or mock necks, i'm that girl with less of a chin, ain't gonna happen

4. blonde, i'm perceived as flaky enough

5. flip flops, no way


  1. Ha! Your lists are so perfect, thank you for playing along. Blush was going to be one of my alwayses too! I also love that you don't care about pantylines, that's awesome.

    I also hate flip flops so much. I was going to put that on my list too. The other day it was freezing outside and I saw a girl wearing a winter coat and flip flops -- and she had bandaids on every toe! Just wear SHOES!

  2. I don't think your afterthought is too much -- it's your opinion! I bought a dress from a vintage seller recently and it had been hemmed, but because I am short it ended up being the perfect length for me! Not too short, not too long. Most dresses are too long for me, I find, but I don't mind hemming them myself if I have to. In fact, I would rather do it myself because I can and because it saves me money. And if I mess it up I only have myself to blame.

    I think I've mentioned this before, but half the time when you see vintage clothing listed online, what you're really buying is the image... and just because a hemmed skirt or dress looks good on the pretty, skinny model, doesn't mean it's going to look like that on the rest of us! But you want to look like that, so you buy it, and then it doesn't look as good on you (rather on ME, because I find that most of the time I hate the way things look on me). That's why I prefer vintage sellers who are relaxed and natural and NORMAL in their pictures, not the slick ones, not the ones with the studio lighting and the over-styling and the pouting and all that. So when I see something that has been hemmed I can't help but think it's been hemmed for the sake of the pictures, for the image!

  3. next time I see you, I'll be the one wearing flip flops and a giant wool turtleneck in the hot hot sun.

  4. I can't do turtlenecks or mock necks either! They're just so unflattering on me. & I'm always tugging at them, too--just not comfortable.


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