Thursday, 14 May 2009

the boob tube

really, the boob tube doesn't have to suck all the time, & sometimes it doesn't,...i feel so lucky tonight for tvo, as its photography month, & tonite i happened upon, an most amazing documentary on carol jemmers... i couldn't help but see so many pioneering inspirations in her work & one of my favorite photograhers corrine day...i think its that same unapologetic, brave & still very vulvenerable private female point of view...

sally mann on the 17th on tvo!

honestly check out some more sneak peek videos here, & more info here!


  1. I've been watching some of photography month too! There's a good series on the history of photography on on Mondays.

  2. my new thing is to not even own a television and just watch everything i want to watch on the internet.

    i follow 3 or 4 shows and thats enough for me plus some netflix.


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