Tuesday, 12 May 2009

i'm so over that, but still....

recently one of my regular blogs to read clevernettle wrote such an amusing & so funny blog entry here which begins "it's very difficult to keep the line between the awesome and the annoying"
that i have to say it got me thinking of my own annoyances of things i'm so over, but i think i'm soooo annoyed by the following three things since i still can't let go of them;

my first annoyance is NYLON magazine, which i have book shelves & book shelves of, since the beginning my friends, yet i think it really sucks, i have to say the first myspace themed issue was when i knew this magazine had definitely died & gone to a younger neon tweened out place for me... yet,guess what i still buy it... i blame the fact that i can't get the magazines i really joy, such as lula, or they are imports therefore being so damn expensive like id or dazed & confused...

my second annoyance is h&m,oh i hate h& m for always being conveniently located in those awful things called malls, & for carrying the same trendy design season after season, just in new flimsy see-through fabric, how many times do i have to see that dress i bought three years ago come back to life in another colour with varying button details, its embarrassing, (or just making so much of the very same thing, so everyone is wearing it too)...guess what though... i just bought some throw away sunglasses & a cheap 15$ black sundress because it looked close enough to vintage...& i am really coveting a turquoise romper that my legs would never let me wear anyhow, but still... & again can i ask why is everything transparent?

my third annoyance is weddings, you see i'm even engaged, it'll be a very, very long unending engagement, we have those romanticized notions of a runaway wedding in cuba maybe, with the perfect honeymoon dream in paris or new york, but honestly, who wants to shell out all those bucks...well not this girl & her baby's daddy, i mean were filing bankruptcy this week officially, & i just want the honeymoon anyhow, can we have the honeymoon & a pretty vintage wedding dress & someone to ask us to say i do for free please...
guess what i just favorited this dress on etsy, i'm still in love with weddings, dammit....


  1. When we meet I would like to rant about wedding stuff with you. It seems that the second you get engaged people expect you to have a date and a venue picked! And you're right -- who has the money for that? It's not what it's about! People keep asking me about it and I think that stuff is personal. UGH!

  2. I don't go to h & m anymore as I found the store overwhelming and I can't seem to find my size.Without transition, La roue tourne dans la vie.the wheels spins in life.you'll see.You can raise mountains.

  3. I am with you on ALL accounts!
    I gave up on nylon long ago, although I still buy the odd copy here or there and always feel cheated by it's craptastic content!
    I have a love/hate relationship with h&m, probably because I don't go anywhere near it, but sometimes you can find real treasures there!
    Weddings?! Don't get me started! What ever happened to the love?

  4. I can honestly say that I agree with all 3 of your annoyances!! Nylon is just lame, lame, lame, H&M is throwaway copycat fashion, and weddings are too expensive. Hopefully you'll get to have your dream wedding someday!

  5. Have you checked Chapters/Indigo for Lula? That's where I've found it.... though it does fit into the pretty darn expensive category. But since it only comes out twice a year I can justify it ;)

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