Wednesday, 15 April 2009

a party frock with my heart on its sleeve

i can't help it, its completely silly, but i honestly feel quite attached to a few clothes sometimes, & even clothes that i haven't properly worn...sometimes its from a time of course, pure nostalgic,...other times its simply seeing it as almost what could of been...or should be...
this makes it really hard to part with so many pretty items in the darling brigade shop, but i always envision happy scenarios & outings for that item, am i nuts?

in particular i've had a hard time of it to let this particular very pretty teal dress go...its a doll of a dress... but its time....

i hope this will be grabbed up by a sweet party gal, i've pretty much hung up my party frock wearing days, this one was never even worn, i just love it so much though... it deserves to have fun, debauchery nights ahead, to be head over heels for someone, requirements: girl must love gin & tonics, with wine just wouldn't suit this dress! & must wear heart on her sleeve...;)

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  1. That dress is a fabulous color!

  2. lovely dress....
    love the colour..

  3. I feel your pain! I get so attached to certain clothes, especially dresses that I may never wear. Alas, sometimes you just gotta clean out that closet. xo

  4. i hear you girl, i keep trying things on for photos and i think... maybe i'll just keep this? i really like it.

    it's only happened a couple times so far, i'm actually surprised i haven't kept more - it's just so hard!

  5. This dress looks fabulous on you.


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