Wednesday, 22 April 2009

knit wit

knitting, you make me crazy!!!? its the slow knitters season, aka feeling alittle down without that panicked feeling of getting something done for order(s), so i've started to knit up my staple patterns in all the colours, such as the taupe checkerboard chunky cowl above...also started to feel inspired to make up new patterns & designs for fall & winter shop updates, & maybe stock up for another winter craft market...

this making of new patterns is what is driving me to insanity, i already have this sick feeling about this, because i have constant neurosis of being accused of stealing an idea from someone else, seriously people get nuts & self-important, i NEVER have of course,(which is why i always just come up with my own patterns) ...
in any case i think i have a few goodies that will be very yarnovermovement-ish (whatever that is)...... when did everything become so competitive & less joyful in this crafting world of ours (ps i cringe at the word craft, anyone else?...

first photo courtesy of photographer rohan anderson, model wears yarnovermovement maxi scarf


  1. I just love your style - and following your blog - I don't know how I came across it, but somehow I did.

    Good Day!

  2. thank you, i just checked out your blog, & was inspired too & added the following youtube clip, which i was lead to by your blog, i forgot about this thanks

  3. i hear you! i get so paranoid anytime i put up anything new in the shop that someone's going to come along and point fingers. sometimes i even look around and research and try to make sure mine is separate enough from the crowd that i feel ok putting it out. it's a shame to have to feel so. we're all influenced by so many of the same movies and vintage styles and magazines and blogs and on and on that it shouldn't be so shock and horror that similar items can come from different people.

  4. You already know my thoughts on all that silly stuff -- but I just wanted to say that I LOVE that video! AAHHHH!

  5. The video is hillarious. I love it.
    We all take inspirations from one and another, books, films.. but you bring your own personal touch; that is what makes your creations so unique and beautiful.
    Have a good day! Continue the good work.Cheers!

  6. hahaha that video is great!!

  7. Don't worry about it, dude! We're all working with the same knits, purls, & YOs, you know? Knitting/crocheting/crafting have been passed down through generations, and I think the beauty of it is what you do with that knowledge/history.


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