Tuesday, 28 June 2011

style her own: billie's tenue du jour

i've fallen hard for billie & was really nervous to even ask, but she agreed & here's the proof! & i'm sure a pest with all of my constant favoritism of her every single outfits from her tenue du jour (aka out fit of the day) , she describes as   "A slideshow of outfits I put together, trying to be as creative as possible, without spending much money. Most of the pieces if not all have been thrifted for very cheap." i'm particularly fond of her links to photos or paintings that helped to inspire certain attire for her. only wish i could post every outfit ever! as well her set enttiled nuns & virgins is spectactular , & all of her sets. &  all photos c/o billie martineau

name, age & where are you living right now?
billie martineau, 32, brooklyn

how are you today?
great, just came back from a bike ride. really enjoying my first spring + summer in brooklyn and how close I live to the park. 

what would your 13 year old self be wearing?
jeans with one of my dad's corduroy shirts.

how important is individual style to you?
like a declaration of independence 

what inspires what you wear?
animals, plants, going to thrift stores and never knowing what you will end up getting; the challenge of having an impaired wardrobe.
recycling, giving clothing a second life
older ladies on the upper west side

what items do you tend to continually replace in your wardrobe?

what are you obsessed with right now?
socks. I think they are a great and cheap way to accessorize your outfits.


  1. Great :) I love her flickr too !

  2. Oh wow! What ana amazing lady - thanks for introducing her :)

  3. Love those pics, dude. Thanks for sharing!

  4. o0o shes way cool! just found her tumblr and reblogged like everything. i really like what she has to say about the clothes she wears. same as me :)


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