Wednesday, 22 June 2011

crushing: tales of endearment

tales of endearmetn2

i've been a long time follower of tales of endearment aka natalie joos & wished to share some of my favorites & also the newest of erin fetherston too (below), also includes (above) marina munoz, & anya ziourov, angie schmidt, poppy de villeneuve.
ps. as you may or may not know, i've closed yarnovermovement & am in the process of restarting over w/ my new shop good night, day & i'm asking could you please take the time to join my new facebook group  (& share that crap please)& bookmark the new shop & on etsy too!


Angie Schmidt1

Anya Ziourov tales of endearment

Poppy de Villeneuve 2



  1. I want both of those ladies shoes!

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  3. These outfits are amazing i really love all the shoes as well!


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