Thursday, 30 June 2011

four days in montreal: days 1+2 (part 1)

day one (nighttime) in montreal: (all the photos in entirety montreal in june)
i left behind jasonlee & enid at the bus terminal in toronto & took my 6.5 hour trip to montreal (which is also roughly almost the equivalent of knitting an entire ascot on smaller needles, w/ a small 20 minute nap in between). i was so excited to greet a smiling & welcoming sarah (the genuis behind the surprise & izzyfest which we'd been keeping secret for a few weeks now, wasn't easy), i even forget to grab my luggage off the bus, i just wanted to be off to surprise izzy (the luggage was still there when we went back).
obviously, the susrspise went off wonderfully, & izzy's face just dropped & we even got her tearing up (me too). then to re-nourish from the trip, we ate some bread, cheese, chocolate, sparkling water & mostly i drank beer, all c/o of sarah. thanks soooo much my dears, to sarah for bringing me all the way & to izzy & her man for putting up w/ me, being the most charming & insanely warm hosts.

day two (daytime) in montreal:
saturday izzy took me to one of her secret vintage shops (friperie renaissance) that is lesser known, early in the day, although, not before stephane took some pics of us in the alleys of her neighborhood of Villeray, these were my favorite photos from the time spent in montreal.  i'm not usually comfortable taking photos styled around what i wore lately, however on this day it wasn't so embarrassing w/ company & of course w/ all the loads of clothes i generously received from izzy & sarah, real nice to have such good friends in the vintage shopping buisness, w/ serious addictions to thrifting. also check out that lace peach scalloped blouse,  one of the new designs from izzy, coming soon. afterwards we visited sarahs impressive studio in Mile End & sneaked in a charming lunch & dinner, all c/o local montreal delis, bakeries, groceries, & the depaneur.

day two (night) in montreal:
went to mile end for izzyfest, hosted by sarah, & the very cool ladies of citizen vintage. i think sarah summed it up perfectly, & please check out what jenny, izzy (aka babe in the lace betsey johnson frock)& citizen vintage's take on the night in photos & their own eloquent words (rather than my own run on sentences....).

pinpals + ye ye! (aka sam & izzy)


  1. woooowwww!! everyone is so stylish! I want to be here!

  2. my boobs look GREAT! tee hee. great post lovely!

  3. I love that you renourished on cheese, chocolate and sparkling water.


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