Tuesday, 22 September 2009

closet grab

i've mentioned once before, the nostalgia i've felt in passing on a dress from the past,especially one that looked well damn amazing & had memorable nights out ,ect... & i'm sure that marissa shares those same feelings, & you can see peeking into her shop stylebook on etsy that it is a dedication of her thrifting love for all things cute, & all things once worn in absolute fun. i've adored her flickr posts, which grace us with her many, many, many delightful & witty vintage pieces, i've had the pleasure of owning a few of her items myself, & am grateful we can raid from her closet. just wanted to share a shop i know that has some dresses with a real past, i love the idea of passing things on.all photos c/o stylebook,
& outfits shown on marissa are for sale!

"i smiled at the memories i made in some of this stuff! who's next??", marissa


  1. love the pics!
    the first one is beautiful!

  2. hi! I've just found about your shop/blog through N.E.E.T. magazine! great style and personality, I will come around here much more often! keep up the good things, greetings from berlin :)


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