Wednesday, 23 September 2009

thinking tank blog

i wanted to share another blog that pulls inspiring elements from all over the place... the thinking tank, who needs many more blogs when all the hard work is done for you in one place, she finds everything! (examples of recent posts, include spell from lulu magazine screencaps, 60s french singer fran├žoise hardy, musicians little joy, lying film caps, ect)
all photos c/o the thinking tank, check blog for sources

ok as usual, i'm swamped under knitting orders, (not complaining i promise!) just taking a wee break for my aching back & shoulders is all...

pia of the thinking tank on her own blog writes "welcome to the thinking tank. i'm pia and this is my blog. here you will find my journal entries, photographs, discoveries and random things that inspire me"
sounds good to me!

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  1. the shirt in the first pic is soooooo pretty!!


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