Saturday, 13 June 2009

just stuff i wore, but what inspires you in what you wear?

obviously, my what i wore whenever posts, are hardly what is the next trendy thing, and not a what to buy & where to buy it, mostly its about mixing vintage & guiltily some mall/retail crap on the cheap in real life sneaks in too, trying be more socially consumerist consious without looking like too much shabby... i live outside of daily style influences, coming from a very small city perspective, & i'm turned off by most label whoring designers, so mostly i'm inspired by alot of you from real blogs in genereal, not that much from fashion magazines, & not window store displays either. i suppose this is my version of an apology for these posts, hah! also though, what inspires you in what you wear?

fuchsia vintage blouse, i love it for its layered sleeves,
with buttons on the shoulders: etsy
jeans: h&m
oxfords: etsy

sorry i don't have a better picture to post of this ,
as there were cars driving by this alleyway often,
& it gets well embarrassing

my favorite tee of Burnaby and Alicia:
(& i don't own hardly any tees actually): thepinpals on etsy
jeans, wide legged, i cuffed: h&m
black heeled oxfords (truth be told i switched these off later for flats, ouchie)
orange handknit ascot: me

seriously, its close to mid-june, & sadly i'm needing a sweater, a jacket, a scarf, rainboots & umbrella...oh you tricky canadian weather

scarf, green rubber boots: vintage & thrifted
jacket & purse: h&m
umbrella: ikea
gray cardigan: gap

just some more stuff i wore... i think i'ii wait for nicer weather, when i feel more inspired about my clothes, & less self-conscious i suppose taking those very awkward photos...


  1. Oh, I didn't know that you have a blog too, I love it! I really love your outfits, amazing colours :)
    (I'd like to have the ascot and the hairbow in cranberry if that is ok :))
    May I add you to my links by the way?

  2. I love your umbrella and absolutely can't believe it's from ikea. Too cute.


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