Wednesday, 17 June 2009

oh, well if only

oh...,well if only...a parisian wedding, out of doors...
& wow can you even believe that dress, just wow!

photos c/o jalouse magazine outtakes


  1. now that's one hip wedding!
    great blog, by the way! i will be sure to add you to my frequest reading list! i found you & replicca thru etsy...i am just down the road in grimsby! :-)

  2. lovely! inspiring for any kind of outdoor party!

  3. woah. not long ago i went to a wedding that took place in a community hall in a small town. there were some dudes from high school that were already drunk during the ceremony, the bride's mom was hitting on them, and before we got served our overcooked brocoli from frozen, she was wasted and passed out in a bush out front.

  4. Where do you found these pictures ? I have this issue, but the pictures are in black and white for a lot of theme and there's pictures that I didn't saw !


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