Saturday, 16 May 2009

selby you're too borgeouise

i've said it before, the selby is so bourgeoisie i can't even be inspired, just jealous most of the times, of course theres a few wonderful goodies to be sure, (for instance i bite my tongue on this one!) but in reality its blogging friends who have the most inspiring abode's to truly enjoy & covet ...
everything links to respective blogs.
photo c/o nice etc. & more of thsi lvoely space & the interview here on hearthandmade blog


  1. Thank you for including my tiny little space :) I can't wait to fix up my new place that will be much bigger :)

  2. It's so true! I am always way more inspired by people who can work a little creativity and amazing thrifted finds without spending a fortune. I love all these photos!

    I also really loved your outfit post! Those glasses are great.

  3. love all those rooms! I am always envious of those who have an excellent interior design eye. I wish I could make cute pillows 'n shit.

  4. i hear ya, the selby is so out of this world, its hard to apply the inpiration to real life.. cute spaces in this post! jlee i'll make you a pillow! i love making pillows...

  5. my space is pretty much ALL work space. i'm dying to have a real i love to see everyone's homes. sweetness!

  6. I love Hannah + Landon.
    Nice blog. Kisses!


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