Monday, 11 May 2009

maybe i'm just projecting themes

sorry just a post of the finished pom pom moss cowl in pumpkin...
& a trailer of synecdoche, new york, which i finally saw, & how i fell in love with this sad tale... i suppose have a thing for themes such as loneliness, loss of love, heartache, isolation, status anxiety, longing, ok am i just projecting, what was this movie about again?!


  1. the movie is amazing.
    my tattoo artist desgined all the tattoos in the movie!

  2. Love the new cowl!

    I need to see that movie. I noticed it at the video store the other day but would have had to watch it that night.

    I tagged you on my blog -- have fun, if you do it!

  3. I L.O.V.E. that pom pom cowl!
    I have yet to make it through synecdoche new york... I fell asleep [(!) I was just really tired] it's my bfs favourite movie right now, so I'm sure we'll watch it again soon!

  4. oh wow, I have to see this movie... all the lady actresses in it are wowee


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