Friday, 20 February 2009

who needs sleep?

i've re-posted this lovely photo from liebemarlenevintage blog, as rhiannon has scanned the images from the 1940s pattern book i sent as i knew it was so much better off in her pretty little capable knitting hands than mine, (i've jsut no time sadly for knitting outside of the shop right now). she has even taken the time to scan some of the very amazing vintage patterns for everyone.

in other things, i've finally found a reason to stay up even later at night, which is to start a indulgent fashion/style/vintage blog, as inspired by darling brigade...mcuh like this knitting/ photo related blog is inspired by yarnovermovement & flickr. phew.... so if i'm not here, well i'ii be HERE! OVER HERE....& i won't be sleeping at all any longer it seems, ....

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