Thursday, 19 February 2009

things are starting to look up...

oh & finally! i've been wanting this forever, & as much as we are all over-saturated by such things, i promise this isn't a whim because its genuine, & its been planned in the back of my head forever.
& i can only be thankful, or rather blame the econmy for laying me off my job, so that i now finally have the time to do this right. darling brigade (thats the name of shop!) is also co-owned by rebecca of replicca.etsy & we have alot of pre-loved thrifted pieces to fill it up with, no not jsut frocks,but decor, books, & even postcard & print sets (like these wonderful original vintage photos will be part of)... wish us luck, & please say you'll take a peek, & maybe even heart us in your favorite sellers on etsy


  1. Girl, this is AMAZING! I can't wait to see what treats you have to offer. xo

  2. Sounds cool. I will check it out. This is exciting.

  3. ooooh can't wait to check it out. All those photos are making me swoon.


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