Thursday, 22 January 2009

oh winter, what am i going to do with you?

i'm mostly a baby about the cold...seriously it is the best time to be laid off, outta work(well a out of the house kinda work), gotta give me credit for mom duties, alongside knitting shop duties, ummm but the afternoons alone i thought i would learn all about my new leica lens camera & take cute inspired pics, no such luck, winters are *dark days impossible for light & pretty photos...mostly i am up early & to bed very late, & in between stuff i watch whenever i can sneak in madmen while knitting... (i'm insane about this show, lemme tell you! so far i'm season 1, episode 7 ).
*video of inside costume design of madmen
*video of 1962 hair & makeup of madmen

lately i've been transferring my etsy earnings to the bank, instead of using it as mad$, like before, for now anyhow...but it seems so many things are turning up in my favorites...
just a sample...(1.fieldguided.etsy,2. elizzavella.etsy, 3.kitbits.etsy, 4.ginchygear,)

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  1. cute blouse!!

    I'm sick of winter. Let's go to the tropics!


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