Wednesday, 21 January 2009

grand openings

i love grand openings, full of possibilities, & all the other good stuff...
i'm always excited for a new etsy shop, especially ones run by a favorite gal of mine, whose talent i know i've trumpeted before...

in anycase, hurry over to jlee's etsy shop, she is sneak peeking a series of urban & suburban environments as limited edition prints...part one is MONTREAL! (also to look forward to
"other photographs from Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Scarborough and beyond.")

"Montreal is one of my most favourite cities to visit and wander through. The city is overflowing with exceptional architectural design and bursts an engaging, animated and creative spirit. This set of photographs explores the residential neighbourhood of Saint-Henri. It is a working class neighbourhood in the south-western area of the city, where a lot of students, artists and young professionals are living and working. The photographs were taken in May and August 2008 as part of a continued study of design, decay, isolation and abandonment in urban and suburban environments." jennifer lee,


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