Tuesday, 27 January 2009

stitch in time...

i'm stuck in the dumps with a head cold, enid is my sick partner in crime, we cuddle with Kleenexes & watch kiddie movies, which helps right?

its nice to see rodel la update, i love the photos, the model, the styling, ect...so good!

oh my poor very neglected sewing machine...& even when i do sew i just go over to my mom's (that way i can get all the help i need too!)..
but i'm determined to make this baby have a use, other than collecting dust, & to actually hem & take in these thrifted summer dresses that never were even worn.
i was very inspired by this!
and so i bought this cute vintage 1963mccalls pattern also from softspoken's etsy shop, it reminds me of one of my favorite summer frocks as made by Isabelle.

also appreciating this blog very much too!


  1. ooooh, i also have those winter blues. i haven't even finished sewing something i wanted to make for my mom for christmas. i need inspiration too!

  2. it is awesome that your mother can help you out with the sewing. It is the perfect time to get cranking with the sewing. I love baby doll dresses. Before you know it will be spring again. I am sure that you will be making some cool stuff. Hope that you will feel better soon. Take care. Ciao.

  3. That lamp is beautiful! and so is your blog :)


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