Wednesday, 14 January 2009

don't blame the please.

its not the economy, & i couldn't be more bored over the word anyhow...

i was laid off yesterday, i was a camera salesgirl, i'm not one for having much salesgirl charisma, not excatly surprising, i'm too awkward, too self-conscious, as well as having unnecessary bitterness about the whole idea of selling over-priced things to people they don't need, ect, something like confuses even me. OH WELL! but i was laid off on the terms of lacking sales performance, puhlease, & i even think the word economy might have been thrown in. oh dear!

maybe 2009 is turning out to be a happier year for me already!
i think this embarrassed feeling will go away soon too.


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  2. oh man i know how that feels. except i quit my job at anthropologie before they got a chance to fire me. Mostly because i had been working there for over a year with no raise(psh to the economy)! wtf! anywho as soon as i get some monies i will buy a scarf from you!

  3. that sucks that you got laid off- i know how terrible and hopeless that can make you feel. still, it's great that you'll have more time to knit! who needs a day job anyway?

  4. that's so sad to hear. but i think 2009 has something special waiting for all of us, it has to be better than 2007 & 2008 at least.

    i hope you'll get tons of orders from now on & that everything will be good for oyu & your family.


  5. what a wonderful balcony!

    and i am soo fed up with the economytalk, we are all gonna die someday, so can everyone just shut yp? haha
    love from sweden!

  6. Hi!
    I understand where you are coming from as the same thing happen to me. After working for 5 years for a company, with no notice and only two weeks severance pay, the chief officer told me that it was time to go. My boss the next day ran after me and apologize for not having the time to talk to me. Whatever. Anyway, I take this as a blessing.
    I like your knits. I You are good. Continue the good work. Have a great day! take care. Ciao


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