Wednesday, 7 January 2009

now i just don't care about the bills...

i guess i still care about those bills BUT... aka when 2009 rolled around & those pesky final bill notices came in we contemplated selling a book or two, we decided we could part with the ryan mcginley wee paperback book (ya know the one sooo long ago limited to 1000), & we even made a youtube video, as we thought we could sell it to internet friends, not wanting just any jerk-off on ebay to buy it...but guess what were not selling?! phew!
but theres still the video, & don't mind my whispered comments, i forgot the new camera has sound, opps...(& yes i bought a new camera, but sadly it isn't a slr anyhow, & so i don't see the irony in it, i decided i owed myself a camera for selling fancy cameras i can't afford all holiday season). i think i really enjoyed making a book video (inspired by the selby) & will do more...

in other things, the two day chunky knits sale was successful & in a few days i'm going to have a BERET SALE, cause damn who doesn't love a sale, (ask me about early reserves on berets at sale price of 24.99, over 20% off)
Oh that top wool beret sold to cutie regan already, but don't despair i'm in search of some wool for new berets today, & i'm saving posting any berets til the sale, so i don't feel bad about any selling at regular price, & i want to have new berets too, just for the sale, etc....


  1. cuuuute hat!!
    i would love to knit one of your berets!

  2. my bills are through the roof!!! which is why I'm going on holidays. LOVE YA



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