Friday, 28 November 2008

tag, you're it!

i was tagged, by one of my favorites, growin-UP, now its my turn to list my 6 favorites.
i suppose they are pretty obvious, but still i'm obviously happiest from them!

#1. fallin' in & outta love!

#2. spying on the kids playing together!
#3 having my outta town lover over!
#4. getting all dolled up & hitting the town, um this never happens too much!
#5. SUMMER, past, present & future!
#6. eating in chinatown! (which includes toronto & all that means to me)

ummm not sure if i took this too literally, or what but, anyhow...i tag... (so its there turn if they feel like to say the 6 randoms that make them happiest!)

photo jenny




hannah and landon

love granny

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  1. you are cute and I love you! such simple things in life are the most wonderful.


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