Thursday, 27 November 2008

starving artist report & the problem of the not good enoughs

my ol' man is constantly ditching & leaving behind drawings, mostly he is pretty dissatisfied with everything, & i tend to become attached to some of these sad lost drawings, the left behinds, the not good enough to finish...

maybe its winter blues already nipping at me early-ish, but i'm using this market i am knitting for, & my etsy sales, as a get out or die kinda threat to myself, either i can make it, or i either get out, or start it all over! the last is the most tempting, oh i want to ditch my shop & start new... anyhow....

i knit up bunches more of that deliousness of chunky & luxurious big lambs blended wool scarves for the market... (i stole a orange one for myself!)
you can steal one for yourself too

oh, i got my once-a-year hairdresser cut, i lost five inches or so, it was time to go...
i can't seem to go back quite yet to my pixie short hair of past, i'm just too comfortable hiding behind the hair right now, & its cold in the winter with only a inch or so of hair...(no pictures)


  1. I really like this half-finished, not quite finished aspect to the drawings. It takes it to a whole new level.

  2. i found your blog and it looks like the cardigan found you! it's been cold enough to wear the beret and everyone loves it. i'll be sending them your way!



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