Sunday, 18 May 2014

meet the model brooke manning

ok, literally feel like i should be pinching myself in this ladies company, she is that rare breed of such genuine sincerity, ecstatic to have her step in as model for me, i feel so proud (& obviously that ethereal look, as if she is from another time). 
 the day i spent shooting w/ hollie & brooke was magic, seriously these ladies are gold!
all photos of brooke manning by hollie pocsai 

what is your occupation?
Owner of LIkely General and musician under the moniker Loom!
what is your astrological sign?
What is your spirit animal?
Fox Hmmm..Fox/Wolf actually

why is supporting independent makers/designers so important to you personally?
I believe in participating in the (inevitable) cyclical action of consumerism responsibly, with the integrity of the Maker at the forefront. The more we can support independent makers, the more we stop feeding the horrors of fast fashion, mass-production, and underpaid labour, to name a few. Not to mention, it's a wholesome feeling to own something that someone created directly from the pit of their passion-- there's incredible value in that.

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