Monday, 26 May 2014

meet the artist: agnes thor (& five questions)

Agnes Thor was the first to respond when i asked & i am not surprised, since i don't think i am wrong in assuming from  just looking at her work that she is a lady capable of expressing & feeling on many levels of emotions. i was feeling vulnerable having jsut released my lookbook, & wanted to reach out to other creatives & focus attention elsewhere.  I've posted her photography before, & i was even stunned & thrilled when she shot photos of hannah in the good night day petawawa toque. thank you agnes. all photos c/o Agnes Thor, please check out her work website & tumblr.

what is your occupation? artist and photographer.
what is your astrological sign?
what is your spirit animal?

why is supporting independent makers/designers/artists so important to you personally?
I'd like to live in a world where there aren't only a few big companies ruling the market, and to stop that from happening I believe it's important to support smaller brands and designers.
 I also like knowing where the products come from, and preferably that the makers source materials that are produced in a sustainable and fair way. It's easier to get to the source when getting things from smaller brands.

can you explain in some detail the creative process for your work ?
Usually it begins with a vague idea that I then develop through reading, photographing and just keeping it in the back of my head for a while. Often I have a show that I'm working towards and that really helps pushing me to focus and finish something.
Right now I have a vague idea that I'm working on - it's about horses, but I haven't really found a way or a clear topic, so I just seek out different situations related to horses and then, photograph, try out ideas and do a lot of reading alongside of that. It's a pretty slow process, but I like it that way.

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