Wednesday, 14 May 2014

meet the maker lauren winter

It was always Lauren Winter's silk hand dyed breathtaking pieces that i kept envisioning for the good night day lookbook, & honestly i decided i wouldn't take no for an answer. obviously, it worked out just perfectly!
photos c/o Lauren Winter & photos from gnd c/o Hollie Pocsai & model Brooke Manning

what is your occupation?
I'm an independent clothing designer living in Savannah, Georgia.

what is your astrological?
Virgo - my birthday is September 16.

what is your spirit animal?
Fox. I just took a quiz online and the results make me happy. I loved foxes as a kid (if we didn't already have a dog, I might try and coerce my husband into letting me buy one).

why is supporting independent makers/designers so important to you personally?
The older I get, the more invested I am in knowing where the things in my life come from - be it food, clothing, or home-related. When my money goes to industries I trust or local designers, it makes spending extra entirely worth it. And being an independent maker myself, I feel it's necessary to give back to the industry I belong to.

can you explain in detail the process for making your hand dyed garments?
I dye with all-natural materials and bind fabric using Shibori techniques, which is a fancy way to say tie-dye. Most of the time, I dye on the stovetop. This involves several steps, including binding the fabric with objects, string, or rubber bands, mordanting the fabric with a substance like alum so the dye sticks to the fabric (even after many washes), binding the dye stuff with cheese cloth and simmering it in water, then simmering the fabric in the dye bath for an hour and letting it cool overnight. The process usually smells up our entire place, which can be pretty manageable or pretty offensive.. I used cabbage and onion skins last summer, and I'll never do that again

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