Tuesday, 13 May 2014

meet the photographer: Hollie Pocsai

i am so thrilled to feature & highlight all the kickass ladies that helped make it happen,w/ the anticipation of my pre-fall good night day collection launching on May 19th, & good night day pre-fall lookbook coming out soon, (gah so nervous). I've had the pleasure of knowing Hollie, since the opening of her shop White Elephant, & i've always wanted to work with her creatively, as a long time admirer of her photography. I really wanted to share these very intimate, haunting & immensely captivating portraits she took of her friend musician jessy lansa. all 35mm photos c/o of Hollie Pocsai
what is your occupation? 
I run an independent boutique called White Elephant in Hamilton, Ontario with one of my best buds. We focus on Canadian-made clothing, as well as handmade jewelry and gifts. Sometimes I dabble in photography gigs on the side, and occasionally I help out at a farmers' market stand. Mostly, my heart is in being a shopgirl.
what is your astrological sign?
Libra, Taurus rising, moon sign Sagittarius.
what is your spirit animal?
A hawk.

why is supporting independent makers/designers so important to you personally?
I don't know how, but along the way we've lost the connection to our possessions. I try and support independent makers and designers because it is invaluable to our local economies, and personally, an object gives me so much more joy if I know that one person took their own time and energy to make it - and which often becomes an extension of themselves that they are vulnerably presenting to the world - than something that was mass produced by some faceless factory on the other side of the world. I try and support independent makers/designers in most of my personal life choices, as well as supporting them by owning a shop that provides a place for others to admire and support them as well.

can you explain how you approach a project like shooting the good night, day lookbook?
Very nervously! Lots of anxiety, questioning my abilities, insomnia, going through the stages of imposter syndrome...ha ha. But I try my best to relate to the aesthetic of the line beforehand as to properly represent it through photography, do some research in terms of looking to other photographers and lookbooks for inspiration, and try to have a calm and collected exterior the day of the shoot.

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