Thursday, 9 January 2014

just lately... mood boards, swatches,colour themes, packages & book editing

(above clockwise, swatches of tangerine & coral for editing gauge to add to knitting booklets for next shipment in a week & colour inspirations for new knits, saved postcard from chad i never threw away as i loved the black background & those emmensly perfect palette that is both soft & severe to me, past packaging for knitting booklets/ which i'm updating for next shipment of pre-orders ina week, merino wools of colours natural & heavy on the  black then teal, them more natural, postcard of geishas i've always collected over teh years & scorpio page of my new astrology calendar from primastic print shop, i've ordered four this year, kept giving the one i bought for myself away as gifts because come on they are worth sharing)

(above, tattoo artist minka sicklinger's work from tattoo forever & wool of neutral blushes & that hint of plum is killingme)

(last of the hand dyed cotton packaging for the knitting booklets, need tof ind a source to get more of these, the booklets are getting an overhaul, editing to add new photos & also to update each pattern with gauge so knitters can really customize. *if you've previously bought a book/e-book/downloadable pattern & want the updates too please contact me through my shop w/ proof of purchase or order # for a free downloadable replacement w/ updates through ravelry, if you don't have a ravelry update, isn't getting a free gift worth signing up?!)

(oh yah, so new blog look, now to figure out how to change my url name w/out losing everyone on my feed, is this even possible, redirecting in a blog post w/ a new url is always risky & unreliable...)


  1. Ugh the yarn I'm dying


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