Tuesday, 14 January 2014

it's just knitting>> #3 knitting cables

nothing seems more daunting to a new knitter then cables, & then nothing is more gratifying to a new knitter than having mastered cables, you'll even be surprised that it wasn't so difficult after all, & now look how impressive a knitter you have become.
the petawawa cable toque (from knitting booklet #2), w/ it's honeycomb cable pattern, is one of my favorites, you have all these easy stockinette rows (just mindless knitting on circulars) & then these front & back working cables on that same row that seem to magically unravel into this amazing design, kind of all of a sudden you notice the honeycomb just taking over, trust me instant gratification.

ok so here is an example of the front working cable in this pattern, i've slipped the front cable stitches onto a stitch holder* & they are placed in front of the work  & if it is the back  cable sts you will simply hold the sts in the back.
*as for tools needed, i have a cable needle hanging around, so i do use that, & sure it helps to keep the stitches from not slipping (although, mine is metal, making it a slippery nuisance, i do love the wooden ones, but?!) & as a new knitter having proper tools is all part of the joy. i'm also confident that in most cases a dpn (double pointed needle) does the trick just fine too, seriously it is what i usually use.

  i've already slipped the front cable sts required onto the cable needle  (above), holding it infront, & have begun knitting the next required amount of sts. in comparison,  (below) i've already slipped the back cable sts required onto the cable needle, holding it in back fo the work & have begun knitting the next required amount of sts.

(below) finally,  i can go back to the sts being held on the cable needle (in this case, from the cable sts held in front of the work) & knit those, then continue in this way for the cables. Easy right?!

the following patterns include cable techniques, petawawa cable toque, windsor headband & auora reversible cable cowl (from knitting booklet #2), also, simcoe headband from (knitting booklet #1)

MORE knitting tips & tutorials for the knitting patterns from good night day:modern & minimalist knitting booklet (vol. 1 &2)

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  1. I'm in complete agreement about the thrill of seeing an intricate pattern develop from seemingly small changes in your stitches. I was blown away when I completed my first cabled project. Also, this honeycomb cable (and all of your patterns) is adorable!


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