Sunday, 5 January 2014

first walk in the woods of 2014, photos jennifer lee

thanks to everyone for the continued support of my independent shop, you've helped me to keep my head above water... thanks again to all the local shops that continue to carry good night day, such as robberlikely general, easytigergoods, white elephanthand knit yarn studio, & craft & culture...thanks of course to all the talented friends &  internet pals that are so generous, such as  hannah metz of hannah & landon, anabela of fieldguidedagnes thor, arden wray of boots &pine, karen of fringe associations, amanda caswell, diana of miss moss, alyssa of random acts of pastel, andra of parisainapparel, joanna of la-mignotte, stephanie of beaux mondes, rhiannon of liebermarlenescout& catalouge,  emmadine & everyone else, you know who you are! 

one of my oldest & closest friends took these photos of our first walk in the woods of 2014. although resolutions are necessarily something i don't so, i have to admit i am drawn to the idea of getting to start over anew, & so this year i am really going to try & just be easier on myself & to live more in the present, not feeling sad or melancholy over the past & not feeling anxious over what could be. happy 2014 everyone.
 all photos c/o jennifer lee


  1. Aw, thanks, so sweet! I've loved becoming more of a knitter with the help of your patterns! I've spent a lot of time this year trying to learn about mindfulness, it's helped with all that "present in the moment" stuff that's so hard in a hectic world. xo

  2. those are beautiful! i wish we had snow here as well!
    running an independent business can be super frustrating at times, but you've been doing an amazing job and your knits are to die for! i can't ever buy a retail scarf/hat having tried these, really!
    some broke girls like me might find the pricing off-putting, but when you think of the materials and the work and the fact that it's sth not only special, but that won't get fuzzy and unwearable in 2-3 weeks like most store-bought knit items i have,'s actually quite cheap.

    good luck in 2014!

    oh and thanks a lot for mentioning my little blog btw.


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