Tuesday, 17 April 2012

photos c/o parker fitzgerald

L. Nyman

a long time fan of parker fitzgerald's work, his flickr photos just seem to have a way of always being in my favorites, i am smitten. i was even more  thrilled to just recently discovert about the blog...& how exactly did i go this long w/out knowing about all this damn amazingness?!
 all photos c/o parker fitzgerald  click & link directly to source
(photos from top  lana nyman, joan hiller, k riley, amy merrick, k. degast, c. davis,
 natasha liegel, m.adelaide, e. hunt)

J. Hiller

K. Riley

A. Merrick

K. DeGast

C. Davis

C. Blome

N. Liegel

M. Adelaide

E. Hunt

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