Monday, 19 December 2011

style her own: crystal lee/ naked cowgirl (part one)

i literally just lost my entire morning staring at all of the photographic art on crystal lee's flickr stream, these photos are blowing my mind, oh yah & not to mention her insane style, which is well  limitless to the scope of anyones imagination, she goes there & its perfection... i felt as if i were piling through old film stills of every era!
& since, i really can't even try to limit her photos to just one post, this is part one, kinda as a sneak peek of photos & her interview will follow in part two w/ more photos, of course (& because truth be told i'm supposed to be knitting & i couldn't pull away from the computer & now i am guilty of having no time). all photos c/o crystal lee & please check out her brilliant blog too, that is full of what inspires her!


  1. This is just too kind, Tara Lynn. Thank you for all the sweet comments & for posting so many of my photos, which I should mention are usually taken by my amazing boyfriend, Pete. Good luck getting all your knitting done!

  2. you always post such lovely, smart women! thanks for sharing, lookin forward to part 2 :)

  3. lovely photos!

    definitely going to be following your blog!

    helen @ thelovecatsINC


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