Saturday, 17 December 2011

collaboration: goodnightday + ovate

its been hard to find the time to update & blog, but i'm really excited to finally share these few photos (more to share soon), all taken by eriver hijano again (& w/ caley jones modeling), of these from the collaboration knits i did along with audrey cantwell of ovate & tarantula sisters.
i took a few of the fur pom pom merino toques to city of craft (&they sold out). you can now grab them in the good night, day shop as well as the  welland sweater in black merino Uruguayan wool, that is naturally dyed & spun thick & thin, w/ gorgeous black leather tassles c/o audrey. also, i've added a ready made section to the shop (& i hope to be adding more to this section very soon), & of course a custom section where you can have the options of colour, ect. i'ii try & post the rest of the new photos of the new knits very soon.

(above, the welland merino black hand knit sweater w/ leather tassles, a collab of goodnightday + ovate)

(above & below fur pom pom merino hand knit toque in natural &black, collab w/ goodnightday + ovate)


  1. like the photos! cool blog :)*

  2. What a beautiful collection. I am amazed by the black knit sweater with leather tassels. You are a talented gal!


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