Tuesday, 13 December 2011

behind the scenes

the waiting after a photoshoot for the end result is always the hardest, of course in this case i can't get too upset in this matter, since eriver actually develops all the film himself too, so impressive, right, what a purist? so obviously the wait is worth it! heres just a few of the photos taken on my own camera from this friday. as you can see, as i was too rushed & hampered down w/ suitcases full of knits for city of craft, so  it was impossible to style c/o robber again this time (sadly), so instead i had to improvise with my own closet & make it work. also, you might spot the knits i collaborated with audrey cantwell  & the ofakind exclusive cowl. thanks to caley for stepping in to model for this.

(caley in my clothes, makes me think i really need to find somewhere to wear this outfit, even the cowl is my own)


  1. So good!!

    (And yes yes yes, you need to wear that outfit somewhere! Or, everywhere)

  2. oh my my my! these are all such gorgeous pieces. i love the one with the needles still in it! :) it's really great to see some behind-the-scenes shots.

  3. Such gorgeous knitwear! <3 I am truly so so so excited to see the final photographs!

    Lost in the Haze

  4. Tara-Lynn, this was so fab to see inside your shoot - looks like the whole experience was a knock out!! very cool about the film and processing your photographer chooses to use too. Caley is rockin' every look, she has such beautiful soft eyes. i adore your pieces, the knitted wraps are rad, nice to see a fellow Canadian girl doing it up this way and sure hope you get a nice break from all you've been doing over xmastime. cheers! ♥


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