Monday, 11 July 2011

style her own: april of white apple

what an enormous pleasure to scour april's Flickr stream (i'm a long time follower) & not just for these stylish ingenious outfit posts (out of this world, by the way), but also for the chance to be nosing around & look into her creative life. what a joy! you can also check out april's blog, & her white apple shop on etsy.
name, age & where are you living right now? 
all photos & illustration c/o april leino

My name is April Leino. 
I will officially be an overgrown child of 36 years in August. My parents still ask me on a regular basis when I will finally grow up. I still have no answer for them.
I am currently living amongst an unholy amount of boxes and bags of stuff in my new apartment in Vancouver BC. We've only just moved one floor up, but it took us five whole days to get everything up here... truth be told, there's still some stuff downstairs but I'm pretending that I don't know about it!

how are you today?
I believe that I'm suffering from a bit of the general malaise and angst that comes along with a mid-life crisis! So, not very good :(

what would your 13 year old self be wearing?
Thirteen year old April wore some really unfortunate outfits that combined my two main interests in life at the time: hair-rock and skater boys. I wore a lot of acid wash denim, tight jeans, tiered ruffle skirts, Chuck Taylor hightops (sometimes two different colours), oversized sweaters and purple... lots and lots of purple! I can't even look at that colour without cringing now! Oh, and obviously, I had a perm! With big teased bangs. Obviously. It was 1988! Oh! I just remembered my "Debbie Gibson" hat! 
People made fun of me. 

what will your 50 year old self be wearing?
Who knows! I have recently learned that within fourteen years the world will have depleted it's fresh water and we will be living in a desert environment complete with fire-tornados! I am NOT looking forward to those fire tornados! I imagine that some sort of protective suit will be required for going outside (I think I'll get a gold one, if I can), so when I am indoors I will go all out! I imagine a lot of sixties style psychedelic pantsuits in my future. 

how important is individual style to you?
It's always been important to me. Whether we like it or not, what we wear sends unspoken messages to those around us and that in itself is important. Besides the obvious cultural significance of fashion, it is also immensely fun! I've always used fashion as an outlet for my creativity. Dressing up and creating a character is just the most fun I can think of.

what inspires what you wear?
Everything! The weather, movies, music, art, objects, plants, animals, walking outside, seeing what other people are doing and then trying to interpret all of these things in clothing. I used to be a lot more creative with my clothes; I mostly dress for work and getting dirty now :(

what items do you tend to continually replace in your wardrobe?
If we're talking about items that physically break down so that I have to replace them, that would be my everyday walking shoes. I can walk a hole right through the soles of Chuck Taylors in exactly four months. That's a pathetically short life for shoes. 
If we're talking about things that I unconsciously collect, that would be wool skirts and cardigans. Because I just unpacked, I can tell you that I own twenty four wool skirts and forty one cardigans! Yikes!!!

what are you obsessed with right now?
Fire tornados, Scott Pilgrim VS The World, wanting to move back to Ontario, and disco platforms.


  1. OH my god, what a style this gal has!

  2. & she lives in vancouver too chloe!

  3. she seems like a spectacular lady

  4. I really dig these "style her own" posts. I love this gal's style. It really is brilliant, sparkling, and unique. There are so many generic styles out there in blog land, that this is so very refreshing to see.

  5. thanks for featuring me, tara-lynn! it was really fun answering your questions with some long-winded-run-on-scentences!
    i really like that you ended the post with my summertime-vampyre photo! haha!

  6. Wow, what an awesome post! Thanks so much for this, she's amazing, I am already addicted to said flickr stream :)

  7. She looks fantastic! My kind of stylish gal.


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