Thursday, 7 July 2011

consider: (part two) the plums, the violets, & the peach, corals(good night, day)

here's part two of the colours inspiring my mini collection for the new shop good night, day!
ready or not, the new shop opens this monday on the 11th!
consider, the plums, the violets, the peach & corals.
as well, the giveaway will be open until that time too. i will be leaving the old yarnovermovement shop open, & full of sale items that are discontinued, limited & of colours i will no longer be knitting with. for instance
the stonewash blue lambs wool, such as the  carlington maxi scarf (in stonewash blue)worn by rebecca of the clotheshorse & the lambton cowl  (in stonewash blue) worn by izzy of ye ye!
 i'ii post these very shortly for sale. ask me about a reserve listing, 
as i'm almost out of that wool, & will be on sale for $50. 

all images are linked to their sources on my tumblr blog archive & my balletomane tumblr archive.


  1. lovely inspiration! I love plum!

  2. I can't get enough of these colors lately!

  3. Beautiful really


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