Wednesday, 6 July 2011

consider: (part one) the naturals, natural white, nudes, black & slate grey (good night, day)

just monday, stephanie of local blog  beaux mondes & i did a shoot at robber (thanks to erin& caitlyn for helping w/ the mess) for my new shop good night, day! just under 7 days until the new shop opens, & i thought i would post some photos from my tumblr & that evoke the some colours of my mini collection, which are off  whites, cream, nude, black & slate grey, also, in my mini collection,also peach, plum,  & tan.(to be continued)
please see my tumblr archive for all image sources

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also, the totes (those that are left) are still on sale for $15.


  1. The image with the Ballerina's and handsome swans is breathtaking! Whenever I read your blog I always end up asking myself whether its too late to take ballet classes....

  2. Amazing inspirational board!
    Love everything!

  3. it was fun to have you guys around! hope the pictures turned out well. xo

  4. The photo that is third from the bottom is by Mike Bailey-Gates. Here is a link to where it's originally posted.

    I'm sure he would appreciate the credit, so many photos get lost on tumblr. I always think it's a shame when someone wants to share a photo but can't find who the photo was by to see any of their other work.


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