Saturday, 18 June 2011

style her own : anais of the time is grey

i have to say that i think anais is the perfect modern day quintessential sissy spacek type, all beauty, charm & the ability to draw you in. i am smitten with this lady & her unbeatable ability to pull together the most enviable outfits, that allow her own personal style to always shine through. i still can't believe she is going to be a contributor for the knits+bloggers project, how insane right?!
& don't believe me about that sissy spacek reference (just compare that top photo to this clip from one of the best films badlands). ps. i have to add her name also happens to be that of one of my favorite authors, anais nin. i'm crushing!
all photos c/o anais & her blog the time is grey
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name, age & where are you living right now?
My name is Anais and I am 27.
Right now i am living in Brussels.

how are you today?
The sky is grey, I think my mood too.

what would your 13 year old self be wearing?
An American Apparel zipper pants in Summer Peach and a Vintage Border Sweater.

what would your 50 year old self be wearing?
An American Apparel High Waist Plaited Pants in Gold and Vintage Cream Button-up Shirt, With a Brillant MM Delvaux Purse in Chocolat.

how important is individual style to you?
The reason to wake up every morning.



What inspires what you wear?
The sky and the musique I listen too. 

what items do you tend to continually replace in your wardrobe?
Tops I guess, I am faithful to shoes and purses usually.

what are you obsessed with right now?
I am obsessed by High Waist Paints, did you notice?






  1. anais nin is also one of my favourite authors, so I'm crushing too! and look at all her gorgeous long hair ...

    sorry for my delayed response to your comment - thanks for letting me know about your ballet tumblr blog, it looks so great!


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