Saturday, 18 June 2011

izzy + her peach ombre tote

i'm sure it's no surprise i wanted to share these charming & sunny photos from Montreal designer & one of my closest friends izzy. all photos c/o isabelle hayes, please check out her wonderful ye ye vintage clothing shop .
unfortunately, the shop has been temporarily closed due to a Canada Postal strike, the remaining totes that are left will be available for sale as soon as possible, just waiting for your summer carrying needs. as well, i'm using this time to make some much anticipated changes to the shop, some surprises are underway & of course new knits, new everything, you'll see!!!! for now please visit Robber, queen west in Toronto for some new yarnovermovement knits.


  1. That peach looks gorgeous with the chambray blues!

  2. how good is her outfit in that last photo?!


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