Wednesday, 18 May 2011

post- field trip pop-up shop/ day two

i hope you aren't already too sick of my gushing about the ladies of the field trip pop-up shop & well in any case, here's part two in photos. obviously day two was way more laid back, we arrived kinda late, that is jeff & i missed the bus (my fault) & there was so much rain. i love having jeff at my table, he is the best company & always has this calming effect on me, & he is of that nurturing kind, so i always am given good food to eat too. unfortunately, i took very few pics, so here's whats left.

jason lee took enid to get her face painted & then came down to visit us  afterwards. she wasn't impressed with her bunny, i suppose she had some japanese bunny style in her mind, enid thinks she could have done a batter job, i have to agree.

ok its that blazer again, i do wear it a lot, in my defense it was pouring & cold out, so i dressed down. i tried on those amazing oxfords from robber, booo to them not fitting. & jeff trying on shirts as fit model, for katie's man, hehe, this shirt is fantastic.

don't you just want anabela's hasbeens? me too! i'm pretty sure i was catching her in the act of this amazing photo below. check out the rest of her photos from the pop up & her blog fieldguided here. while you're at it, victoire's blog part one & two, also white elephant's blog post here too!

field trip weekend: yarnovermovement

& i spy enid, hanging out with daddy. while i eat chocolates at my table probaly. also rebecca came to visit & drop off cookies.

& some details of the shops, above fieldguided & below victoire (of course, regine is eating, girl after my own heart,  as i mentioned check out her blog post #1 specifically).


  1. Sadly when I was taking that picture it was a picture that came out too dark and yellow to be usable!

    Just love Jeff's glasses so much!

  2. man i can't believe the amount of love between all of you guys! it's really lovely.

  3. Erin, you should come to the next one!!

  4. next one? is there a next one!!

  5. aww..looks like so much fun!


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