Monday, 16 May 2011

post- field trip pop-up shop/ day one (to be cont'd)

day one:(to be cont'd)
sadly, its post-field trip now, & i feel lonely for the company of all the gals & my boys too! i wish i had taken more photos, & a lot of these were taken by others, good thing too, it was a nice surprise to see them on  my camera later. of course, i was a nervous wreck inside, but i think w/ the help of others it all worked out just fine. i loved my lil shop, made up of just a few items, a rolling rack, a borrowed rug (from my moms laundry room, she just doesn't appreciate it i suppose, i love the designs), enid's chalkboard (which was meant as a shop name sign, but since i forgot those pesky stickers for pricing it became a price list), a black metal half body form (borrowed), a folding table (borrowed from dave at mixed media down the street), a family crocheted lace tablecloth , a portfolio that jeff gave to me (thanks babe) & images printed for free from his boyfriend & my blue mountain ashtray as chocolate candy dish, along with some fold up ikea chairs.
i was rushed setting up, & so in all the excitement of the moment, the shop was never photographed fully stocked up, oh well.
field trip pop-up shop & those included & invoved:  victoire (from ottawa), white elephant (local hamilton shop owners), robber & fieldguided (both from toronto), myself/ yarnovermovement (from local hamilton) & pre-loved (from toronto& montreal)

( my own modest & humble yarnovermovement shop... )

hey there hollie of white elephant. also stephanie of beaux mondes dropped in too, & it was so nice to meet in person for the first time. (these w/ stephanie were some of the surprise photos i discovered later, thanks greg)
& millie of know your ghosts gallery popped in too, & even snuck us in beers later, at the end of the night.

(above) & yes indeed, i am wearing my own leeds halter bra in verlaine nude!

the space was amazing, & i was beyond impressed with everyone's shop, so much personality can be seen, just so perfect. above robber, & of course robin+erin=robber (do you get it?!), i've never met robin & she is just as kick ass as erin. below, anabela (hiding there somewhere) & geoff set up fieldguided with the most gorgeous roses & those crates, oh man. & lastly those ladies of victoire had a shop that looked as if it had been home forever, especially envy the vintage photos, books & trophy displays. ps. i have  huge girl crushes for the ottawa gals, & the first night i could barely talk to them, i felt so  love sick. ok gush gush gush....blah, blah,blah....pfbbttt

& best end to the first  night drinking wine at white elephant as the hosts! & i'ii post more tomorrow. (more photos & day two soon)


  1. Your shop looked fantastic and I had no idea you were a nervous wreck! You handled your nervous beautifully. I was a nervous wreck and probably now everyone thinks I'm a huge grump. Ha.

  2. sounds like it was a wonderful time for all... wish i could've been there!

  3. i feel like gush gush gushing about this whole weekend too! it was so perfect! lovely to work with you!

  4. Looks great, glad to hear it went well for everyone.

  5. I know, my heart is so full of love and crushes and excitement about all working together again!

  6. oh, and I meant to add: XO! Come to Ottawa!


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