Thursday, 19 May 2011

nina leen as subject

nina leen, is obviously one of my favorite photographers featured amongst the life archives that i scour & post. i am fascinated by these portraits of nina leen (& her rolleiflex camera), all from 1945, taken by her husband, serge balkin also a photographer. nina was one of the very first female photographers for life magazine.
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nina leen, is known for this group portrait (below) of the american abstract expressionists  in 1950, also note, that in thsi group hedde sterne is the only female member of  "the Irascibles".


  1. what a GREAT find. she's also one of my absolute favourites. how amazing to put a face to a name.

  2. Love that last pic. Makes me wanna say "You go girl!"

  3. I Love the fact that she doesnt look like shes trying to fit in with the guys. . . . shes proud to be a fashionable woman, must have been difficult in that time. Awesome photographer :)

  4. the feature of her face is definitely beautiful <3


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