Wednesday, 4 May 2011

nude in colour + shop talk

some pics to share of hannah, this time in striking colour of the verlaine nude leeds halter bra. also, i wanted to mention because i suppose it isn't obvious, but this piece has been knit with soft merino wool, so that it is not itchy & can be worn directly next to the skin, thought i'd say so. as well, unlike cotton which tends to stretch out & lose it shape, this wool fiber has stretch memory. also, the leeds is now available in black too, perfect for under a sheer pretty blouse.

i'm really thrilled to be making up the ombre dyed totes, i love the  effect it gives, & the beautiful saturations of varying colour. so, along with the rose b&w print (which looks just like newspaper print), i've added a complete opposite design  & new material, that is not flowery at all, but nice & bold & i also picked up some tan dye. look out for this soon. here's the aurora tote of ombre peach!

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  1. hehe, I like all the tumblr comments about camel toe on this picture. Clearly these young ladies need a lesson on camel toe! Shorts are not penetrating, no, no they are going around in a natural V shape. ;)


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