Thursday, 5 May 2011


in need of some mindless escapism, i don't know what possessed me, but i have started a tumblr dedicated to vintage ballet entitled balletomane vintage, & also a flickr group, so please share & join both. no wonder i never sleep.
balletomane is a russian word created in the nineteenth century to describe ballet fans & enthusiasts!
all photos c/o life archive, (stravinsky festival, 1972,  nyc, george balanchine, ballet boom, 1969, gjon milli, 1978 baryshnikov)


  1. yes yes yes! i too style myself with these ballerinas in mind! I live and work in dance and performance in NYC and can't get enough of this truly unique and ny-ess look and feel. SO many great shadows and lines.

    thanx girl, made my friday :)


  2. love this! I started following your new tumblr.

  3. I love it! I do love ballet, though, I'm probably more of a moderndanceomane.


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