Sunday, 1 May 2011

introducing: the AURORA roses peach ombre dyed tote

"ombre is a French  word which means shading and is used to describe a technique of color-bleeding or dip dying fabric by subtlety fading colors into one another"

& to think that i just wanted something to add as a under $25 option for the field trip pop-up shop... with all the requests, i'm thrilled to add them to the shop for everyone! thanks you guys. i'm considering some in a teal dye too?! it might be pretty obvious that my orange/coral/peach obsession lives on in these hand dyed ombre totes of b&w rose print fabric. you can see the 1AM dyeing process here.


  1. I just placed the order. WOW! Such a cool tote. Can't wait to get it.

  2. I looks really lovely, I like this location too, reminds me of a place here in Montreal up on the mountain. I made my very first top finally, I can't wait to send you one!



  3. looks great, i'd love to try this out for myself!

  4. Beautiful. I would love to see this in teal also!


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