Saturday, 19 March 2011

i feel like a twit

perhaps not now... so basically we've had to come to terms with the obvious obstacles of a reality that amounts to not moving to montreal this year (sigh, sniff, sniff)... not only financial struggles but personal struggles too (but mostly its money, honestly) ... although i have to say staying put for much longer is another kind of personal struggle too ... sometimes one feels the need to get on & thats all there is to it... so we have other schemes up our sleeve, & still working towards & saving towards a happy means to an end aka a move somewhere or other very soon...

i thought i would post these street styles photos  from an amazing Montreal style blog called  pregnate goldfish or shut up you twit!  that has unfortunately ended. enjoy & check out the blog, you won't be disappointed.  all
all photos c/o pregnate goldfish, shut up you twit.

ps. audrey is this you?


  1. I'm sorry your Montreal dreams have to be postponed for a bit--but I'm sure you are making the best decision for yourselves. Best wishes for the changes you do make!

  2. I'm sorry you are disappointed, but maybe it's where you need to be right now. Staying is just the next right thing and when it's time for you to be in Montreal, you'll be there! Hang in there!

  3. Aw. Financial trouble are on everyone. No need to beat yourself over it. The move will happen someday. My family recently left San Francisco for Berkeley, it was hard no doubt about it. But we are better off for the moment :)

  4. So sorry to hear, but yes sometimes the timing simply isn't right. Even though it sucks. But at least your direction seems to very clear, and that is always great!

  5. :(:( About not moving to Montreal this year!

    And yes that is me,unfortunately.Im making the goofiest face ever, I was hoping this photo wouldnt resurface! Hehe, oh well.


  6. Bummer about Montreal. But maybe next year! All of the ladies look so amazingly styled...I would love any one of their outfits!

  7. well sounds like a bummer, but there's always next year! this street style is amazing, and i totally want to crash this yard sale.

  8. lots of familiar faces up here :) i hope you keep the montreal dream alive...All will fall into place when the time is right!



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