Wednesday, 16 March 2011

sneak peek: off the needles, indefinitely

off the needles, indefinitely
i've finally finished the bat-wing  sweater (vintage inspired mix of 40s & 80s knit wear), in a final fourth version knit, now i'm wondering should i knit a shorter version of this cropped, for those brave lot?

edited to add:  the wool is a luxurious merino thick & thin spun creme, that is unbelievably soft worn right next to the skin & also is dyed naturally.
i'm shipping this off to brooklyn  soon, so how it looks on & also soon to the shop for pre-orders, as the wool on these items (including the merino wool for the bra/halters is limited & must be ordered). also knitting up some more pembroke like tanks of this merino wool, only the openings will be less exposed, which is also perfect for everyone.


  1. i love these so much... the charcoal one is my favourite. but my cat would so ruin it with the dangly pieces on the unfinished one! ;)

  2. love it!! you and your knitting skills make me quite envious.

  3. Wow, looks great! Love the effect from mixing a chunkier yarn with a thinner one.

  4. The cropped jumper is so beautiful - I'm a crocheter and constantly wish I could get the hang of knitting, there is just so much more versatility. I love your armchair too :)

  5. Ooooh that's so cute would love you to do one for me !! lolol
    Very nice idea !!


  6. I absolutely love it!! I think I need one. Or make one. But I don't know if I am skinny enough to rock a crop like you, my dear

  7. Hello erm what yarn is that its amazing. x

  8. thanks for all the supportive comments!
    the wool is merino wool from Uruguay that is spun thick & thin, its unbelievable soft next to the skin, & is hand dyed naturally.
    also the sweater is not short, & won't bare your belly, its the perfect length i think. so its for everyone.


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