Monday, 21 March 2011

mid-march: this & that

 i'm a sucker for  his pencil nudes... i constantly beg jason all the time to do more of these quick sketches, that are time fillers & practise sketches for him, but i love them to pieces... i'm actually considering that something like this could work for the images for the totes for my knitting to go kits, i have in the works, which will include an original  tote, my original knitting pattern & the wool needed... but would anyone carry  that? i mean i would but... i admit i might feel strange picking enid up from school with it...
we've experimented w/ the transferring of images to tote, & so far unsuccessfully... so we'll have to see, also its pricey to put together kits, its always the money that goes into investing in my business that makes it so hard, such a drag, & we live in a credit card less world over here... i am sure this is the same struggle for every independent business... all the ideas, but no means to getting there, ect


  1. i'd love to have a tote like that! maybe i would carry it to pick up my kiddo from kindergarten but i think it's beautiful. and i totally know about the trials of putting money into a small business. sometimes it really sucks. but, there are so many things that make it worth it :)

  2. Your hair is magnificent really. It's such a beautiful shade and shape !

    reading through your posts now :)

    love amy ^.^

  3. I did a double take at that first picture of you and Enid - she is such a little lady! Wow.

  4. The totes would be beautiful with a nude sketch and I would definitely carry one.
    If you are having doubts, perhaps for those who need something a little more modest you could offer a second design to choose from?
    Knitting kits are such a great idea and I'm sure the investment would pay off!

  5. i would also love a tote like that. it's lovely. <3

    i get what you mean about the investing money into your business thing, you have to use money to make money and there is always the risk that you don't sell it to make the money back.

    good luck with everything. i think you are wonderful. :)

  6. i think the image is amazing but I am not sure I am bold enough to have it on my tote :)

  7. Jason is very talented so are you. The drawings make me think of Egon Shiele. Personally, I would not wear them on a tote as I am not bold enough.
    I admire your creativity and your drive.

  8. Have you thought about digitally printing Jason's work onto cotton canvas?
    I did something like this, a few monts ago, for a set of custom aprons for a restaurant on cotton twill, and the quality is really good!
    The printing has a photographic quality, so the result would be the same as in a paper print, and they have this thick 100% cotton canvas, suitable for totes.

    Also, I dont' think it would be that expensive to try because in a meter of fabric you could fit several drawings and just cut them for the totes.


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