Wednesday, 9 February 2011

love of tapestry

i'm not one to get crazy over designer anything, its bourgeois (a bad word to me, as in "oh thats sooo bourgeois") & well i'm poor & pretty low on the class ladder (& bitter too obviously, pfft) therefore it just bothers me mostly.  that being said, i'm also confusing to even me & i still completely  love the rodarte designer patterned tapestry capes, dresses, purses, even boots & patterned cloth covered sunglasses, i bet sometimes its nice to have money, hah! what would you indulge in?
all photos c/o rodarte for opening ceremony


  1. I just broke down and got the drop stitch cable cardigan in dark nude. I'll never be able to afford the Rodarte pieces that I drool over every time I visit the second floor of Barney's, so this is second best...

  2. Mmm... those Rodarte ladies know how to appeal to fibre enthusiasts! I rarely use the word bourgeois, but I AM developing a love for the word "philistine". Eg: I just splurged on a wonderful pair of MuiMui's. Only a philistine would wear those terrible Uggs!.

  3. philistine is another wonderful put down word, i like to use that one too!


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