Friday, 11 February 2011

this past week

just this past week enid's been sick, &on the mend, its been boring for her & she's been so restless at home all day from school, so we turned the cameras on each other one day. it seems my bedroom has nice light in the afternoon & might think about some more posts like this, but outfit posts are best informal & irregular on this blog, i feel i wear the same things over & over, also i don't want to even try for that kind of thing, i'm way out of my league (& i'd just be embarrassing myself). gotta love enid's props. even though  i'm a complete winter hermit, i do still wear the lipstick everyday, even if noone sees me.

 i attempted to do my hair, similar to a previous inspiration post, i'm too lazy for tutorials, i kinda just twisted this thing, i  like it. i'm off to knit, stress & worry as usual...


  1. first off, love the hair. i go back and forth on whether i'm gonna cut mine or grow it out so i can put mine up in a top knot again. and for real, i rarely comment but i love your blog. i think you're brilliant :)

  2. hey, you guys are awesome! Enid's got the poses and props down...

    Hope everyone gets well and stays well!

  3. If this is 'not very put together' and no effort for you - I'd live ti see more outfit posts! You look adorable. And Enid is a natural. She will be styling for Vogue in no time with those creative props!

  4. if i was there i would do my best to make you smile and kick the shit out of that worry and stress! i'm rootin' for ya bella. xo


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